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 Watership Down RP Rules

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Watership Down RP Rules Empty
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Watership Down RP Rules

•God modding and God playing is not acceptable. This means that you are prohibited from controlling other users characters. For example, *Juniper hops out of his burrow and attacks Rush.*, when Juniper is not my character. This also stands for inflicting something that the other character's owner does not allow. For example, *Spider jumped onto Lily and killed her.*, and let's say Lily's owner didn't want her to be killed.

•Use proper English. This includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc. this is a semi-literate RP so you are required to have some knowledge of the language.

•Perfect characters are irritating. These characters are characters that posses traits to for some reason never be injured in battle, starve, grow sick, die, etc. this is very annoying to other fellow RPers. Remember, everyone has there flaws. This includes perfect personalities as well.

•This is almost acting. Because characters are irrelevant to the user or owner, therefore, whatever happens in the RP's is related to the real life site. For example, if you are shouting at another persons character, hey are not upset at you in real life.

•Remember to include the character in the RP. This will stop confusion of who you are RPing as.

•Do not post multiple times to alert the others you posted. Yes, this is spamming but kindly reminding the other user you are RPing with them as you posted is highly advised.

•Use parentheses when you are speaking in OOC. Such as, (Hey, bye guys! Going to eat some dinner!), when you are not speaking in the RP.

•Remember to have fun and let your acting skills go wild!

If you have any additional questions, please consult me, Bigwig or the other staff members!
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Watership Down RP Rules
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