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 General Ragweed

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PostSubject: General Ragweed   General Ragweed EmptyNovember 18th 2012, 6:37 pm

Name- General Ragweed (Bigwig)
Age- 3 years old
Gender- Buck
Warren- Efrafa
Rank- Chief Rabbit
Rabbit Description- A sorrel brown rabbit with a husky and muscular build. Being so strong and powerful, muscles ripple under his thick pelt. Having longer ears, they usually fold down but he wants to look superior so he holds his ears erect. His tail is shining white like the blunding lights of a hrududo. Being strong and large, he is surprisingly swift and agile for his built. Eyes are the color of deep brown. Since he was always a fighter, he bores long and jagged scars along his body but for the most part looks quite sharp and clever.
Personality- Powerful, bold, brave, strong, stubborn, angered, a clever strategist. Also, he is full of tricks and paths that allow him to succeed. Considering his past, he grew ambitious, ferious, fierce and sly killer.
Mate- None but it looking.
Kitten(s)- None
Family/History- Ragweed was born in a litter of hlessi kits with a hlessi mother. There were seven in the litter and they were all does except him. His mother was fierce and strong and kept them all alive but one day, a pack of rouge dogs found their burrow and dug them out when he was only a few weeks old still. The dog managed to kill all of his sisters and his mother and him got away but his mother was bleeding heavily from many injuries and was weak. They survived in terror for a few weeks but by that time, she was too weak to care for herself and died from lack of food. Ragweed was devesteted and anger welled inside him for all elil. He mistakenly wandered into Efrafa territory and was taken in. The former general saw his strength and power and trained him to become an Owsla Captian. Soon, he was promoted to being in next in line to Chief Rabbit and ambition got the best of him. Plotting to kill the Chief Rabbit, he formally fought him and defeated him, killing him. After this, he was crowed Chief Rabbit and leads Efrafa with his penetration of fright to the rabbits and respect.
Extra- None.
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General Ragweed
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