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 Sandleford Warren Information

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Sandleford Warren

Religion- The religion of this warren was the Lapine religion. According to the Lapine religion, Lord Frith, the Sun God, created the Earth and all the stars from his droppings. El-ahrairah was the prince of rabbits. The stories of El-ahrairah teach the rabbits why certain things in the world are the way they are, such as why rabbits have strong hind legs and cottony tail

Economics- The rabbits seemed to have a communist economic system. All rabbits (except for the Owsla rabbits) gathered food in the summer and stored it for the winter. The food was evenly divided among the rabbits after that.

Government- The Sandleford rabbits seemed to live in a communist government system. The Owsla was their group of government officials. The Owsla made all the decisions regarding the Sandleford warren. The chief rabbit was the Threarah.

Family- The Sandleford warren had a very close family structure. Does were vital to the survival of the warren, for they were needed for breeding. In addition, if a member of the warren was missing, everyone was aware of it.

Education- The rabbits at Sandleford were taught that Lord Frith was their creator and El-ahrairah was responsible for much of their good fortune. They were taught that their lives were constantly in danger, and how they could protect themselves. They also learned that everything that they did was for the good of the warren.

(Information compliments to http://wdown.tripod.com/sandleford.htm)
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Sandleford Warren Information
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