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 Character Form

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PostSubject: Character Form   Character Form EmptyNovember 16th 2012, 11:41 pm

Please copy this form and paste it in a separate topic with the title being the name of the character. Please make only one form for each topic. If you want to make more, just copy and paste in another topic.
Please delete all the parentheses and words inside them when you submit the form. They are there for your knowledge.
Do not post this form on this topic. Only post questions here.

[b]Name-[/b] (Character name and put your name in parentheses after the name.)
[b]Age- [/b](In months)
[b]Gender- [/b](Doe or Buck)
[b]Warren-[/b] (Sandleford, Shining Wire (Cowslip), Efrafa, Hlessi, other.)
[b]Rank-[/b] (Kitten, Outskirter, Owlsa, Owlsa Captain, Chief Rabbit, etc.)
[b]Rabbit Description-[/b] (Ordinary colors)
[b]Personality-[/b] (No powers)
[b]Family/History-[/b] (Not required.)
[b]Extra-[/b] (Anything else.)
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Character Form
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